My personal Journey towards Life Coaching

Passionate about inspiring others

I first started learning about NLP, personal development and the ‘positive mental attitude’ field of life when I was 18. This interest started after studying Philosophy at College and through my interest in Martial Arts and the Combative Arts. Having exposure to Eastern and Western Philosophies, I soon started to realise the benefits to my Mental and Physical Wellbeing.

This led me to working in Healthcare supporting clients and eventually qualifying as a Registered Mental Health Nurse in 1997, where I dedicated the next 23 years of my life supporting clients and staff from all walks of life.

Like all people, I have had many challenges in life and have had to overcome many obstacles; financial instability, debt management, divorce, stress management, bereavement, serious physical injuries, weight management issues, mental health problems, anxiety, fear, low mood, lack of motivation, relationship disconnect, academic challenges, loss of direction, lack of purpose and a lack of passion for life.

Despite all these challenges, I have found that it’s easy to look at these problems as failures, instead of what they truly are, life lessons! I saw each challenge as an obstacle, to navigate either over, around or through! With this mindset, I have developed the strength, resilience, maturity and consistence in my approach to enable me to be the balanced and centred person I am today.

I am a Father of two beautiful girls, that keep me young and energised, have a loving and supportive fiancé, that provides me with the unconditional love everyone deserves and a real connection to my family and friends that enrich my life.

I have over 30 years’ experience in Healthcare and 20 years’ experience in Senior Management and Leadership. During this time I have overseen a number of NHS Services, Hospitals, Community Services and been involved in setting up new Businesses and projects. I feel I have a gained a great deal of Business and Financial knowledge and wisdom over this time period that has enabled me to set up my own Company. To support my Leadership and Management positions, I gained my MBA (Executive Management) qualification, which provided me with enhanced theory and practice in Business and Financial Management.

As a Clinical Practitioner and Mental Health Nurse, I have had the pleasure of working with and being part of some of the most dedicated and professional Multi-Disciplinary Team members in the UK. We consistently, enabled clients and team members to reach the goals they set for themselves and lead a truly meaningful and purposeful life.

I have been involved in Martial Arts / Combative Arts, Strength and Conditioning Training for 37 years and have a vast amount of experience and knowledge, gaining instructorship in a number of disciplines. I have fought at National level in Kendo and Amateurs / Semi-Professional Muay Thai. I also gained my Sports Performance and Coaching Certificate to assist my instructorship and personal performance development. I have written several article’s for Martial Arts Magazines and have continued my thirst for self-improvement with several professional qualifications and certificates to enable my ability to make a difference to my own life and the lives of others.

My key ethos in life is to help to make the world a more compassionate, supportive and enriched place for everyone to live in that removes labels, limitations and the judgemental approach that holds people back from living a truly passionate and purposeful existence.

My Vision is to utilise my Life Coaching Practice, life experience and professional training, to empower and enable you to realise that you are ‘Born 4 Success’ and are free to make the Choices that you want. The hardest challenge is taking that first step. Take your first step today with the ‘free Life Coaching consultation’ and free ‘life balance’ quiz.

John P. Bromfield

Professional Life Coach Practitioner 

qualifications, Accreditations and Certifications


  • Expert Life Coach Practitioner (Diploma).

  • Executive Management 'MBA'.

  • Registered Mental Health Nurse (RNMH).

  • Martial Arts / Combative fighting Instructor (Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Stick and Knife).

  • Sports and Performance Coach / Mentor.

Professional Body & Accreditations

  • NMC (Professional Body)

  • CTAA (Practitioner & Certified Membership)

  • The Priory Academy (Practitioner Accreditation)

  • Achology, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (Accredited & Certified Accreditation)

Diploma / Certificates

  • Life Coach (Diploma).

  • CBT (Advanced Diploma).

  • CBT Coach Practitioner (Diploma).

  • Counselling Practitioner (Certificate).

  • Mindfulness (Diploma).

  • Psychology (Diploma).

United Kingdom.​

Tel: +447946299376 (Global)

Tel:    07946299376   (UK)