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We offer the following online Coaching services.

1. Facetime.

2. Zoom.

3. Skype.

4. WhatsApp.

5. Mobile. 

The Life Coach is more than happy to talk you through the process or arrange a telephone call to discuss the options available to best suit you.

Full details will be provided prior to arranging the free initial consultation. 

Below is a guide to some of the services available. Please contact 'Born 4 Success' to discuss your specific needs if not listed. 

Services Available 

1. Business and Career Success.

Some of the Key areas of Life;

  1. Career and Business Goals and Challenges.

  2. Money and Financial Security.

  3. Education and Vocational Ambitions and Challenges.

  4. Redundancy, changes in work, debt and financial circumstances.

  5. Retirement or major job changes such as leaving a job/career you have had for the majority of your life. 

2. Personal Development and Success.

Some of the Key areas of Life;

  1. Mental, Emotional and Inner Peace.

  2. Family, Social, Relationships, separation or divorce. 

  3. Life Routines and Challenges.

  4. Managing Life's Challenges, Stresses, Worries, Low Mood, Fears and Anxieties. 

  5. Major life events such as Bereavement, Relocation difficulties or Major illness and/or injury.

3. Sports and Performance Success.

Some of the Key areas of Life;

  1. Sporting and Professional Goals and Aspirations.

  2. Physical Health and Wellbeing

  3. Recreational Goals and Leisure.

  4. Weight loss, increase in lean muscle and body composition changes. 

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Benefits of life coaching

Benefits of Life Coaching: How We Help our Clients, and what do Life Coaches Actually do?


At 'Born 4 Success' our Life coaching is an empowering profession that brings joy to both the participant and the coach.


Life coaching is about the client and their experiences, feelings and beliefs, as opposed to the coach providing opinions and advice and drawing conclusions. The entire process involves understanding the client’s problems, mental blocks, goals and dreams and helping them create a framework, in order to examine their particular situation. This may be challenging to do on their own.


It Enhances Clarity of Thought


We may often feel lost, confused or unfulfilled, without being aware of why we feel that way. Sometimes, we may need a change or we may need to change. To us, the cause may be obscure, but a life coach can help bring about the answers.


Life coaching can help pinpoint the underlying reasons for our unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Often, we may attribute the reason to a particular cause, but, in actual fact, it may be a completely different cause altogether.


In the majority of cases, people feel a sense of disillusionment because they are unable to live lives that reflect their values and beliefs. Their personal values may be stifled or trampled on, and this may prevent them from moving forward and achieving their goals.


It may not be our job, a difficult boss or an unsupportive spouse that is making us unhappy – unhappiness results when our values get ignored or neglected.


Life Coaching is an Excellent Option, when we are Happy with our Lives!


You may wonder why we need a life coach when we are happy, but this is one of the best times during which to opt for life coaching. This is because we are receptive to growth and are in a frame of mind in which to examine what else we can pursue, in order to enhance our lives. You can provide outstanding life coaching to clients who are in a happy and receptive frame of mind.


A Life Coach will Help you Maximise your Potential and Live Life to its Full Extent


Fulfilment is one of the main objectives of life. Whether it is fun, play, travel, work, relationships or other activities, ultimately, we all seek fulfilment in everything that we do. Fulfilment is one of the most rewarding by-products of exceptional life coaching, as is the client’s own commitment to the process.


As a life coach, we help clients feel more alive, live in alignment with their values and purpose and share and connect through meaningful relationships. You will get the opportunity to suggest to your clients that their results are well worth their efforts.


Help Clients Identify what they Really want in their Lives


One of the most important tasks as a life coach would be to help our client pinpoint what they want.

Most of us experience confusion and are unsure about what really makes us feel happy and fulfilled. As a life coach, we have the opportunity to help clients understand what they want and help them create value-based goals and then motivate them to integrate them into their lives.


Life Coaches Help Clients Set Boundaries and Raise Standards


People who take the proactive step of consulting a life coach are aware that they may need to incorporate major changes into their lives. This is often easier said than done, and this is where our life coaches can be particularly helpful. We work with our client, provide guidance on setting boundaries, and accelerate the client’s rate of change and growth.


Incorporating changes into someone’s life takes time and effort, and our life coach helps reinforce consistency. As a result, our clients are able to develop extra time for the things that they want to do. Often, people spend time on things that are not really important to them, due to unplanned time and erratic management of their lives.


Life Coaches are Responsible for Introducing and Maintaining the Accountability of our Clients


We are all responsible for our choices. At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaches, understand and realise that our clients will tend to stick to their commitments because they are dealing with a third party, namely your life coach. When we make commitments to ourselves, we often have a propensity to break them, but, when we give our word to someone else there is a greater likelihood that we will keep our word.


Our life coaches enjoy experiencing their clients keeping their commitments towards their goals. We can suggest several unique forms of action plans that may have never occurred to our clients, had they tackled their challenges on their own.


At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaching programmes helps our clients obtain unique perspectives on their problems. Undergoing life coaching enables clients to progress towards their goals and improve their creativity, imagination, motivation and commitment.


Clients Enjoy an Improved Work-life Balance, as a Result of Life Coaching


‘Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.’ Hillary Clinton


For many of us, jobs and careers play a crucial part in our lives. Work not only puts food on our plates, pays our bills and places a roof over our heads (all of which are fundamental to life), but it also funds hobbies, leisure activities and other interests.


Our work defines us in many ways, and there is no doubt that it holds an important place in our lives. However, if you are not careful about balancing different aspects of your life, you will find that your hours and days are consumed by work and nothing but work. As a result of the excess amount of work, stress and exhaustion take their toll on your mind and body and deplete your energy levels.


At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaches will help you examine your motives and beliefs and distribute your time, and therefore your energy, to tasks and endeavours that are important to you. A work-life balance differs from person to person and depends on priorities, age, lifestyle, and so on.


These days, the lack of a work-life balance is a serious issue.

Work does not always stop when you walk out of your office. With smartphones and laptops, work follows us everywhere we go and, often, we can never really switch off – quite literally. We have access to emails, messages and other office communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unless you consciously work towards reducing the excessive amount of time you spend working, you will experience an increased risk of burnout.


At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaches will Help You Address and Resolve Mental Blocks, Fears and Insecurities


Each one of us harbours our own set of limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities. We may fear rejection or may worry that we will not be able to meet parental expectations. We may also be afraid of being alone or fear loneliness.


At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaches will construct a safe space for you in which to identify your fears, as well as the tools you require, in order to resolve them. After interacting our life coach, clients may still harbour fears but will be able to better manage them and eventually control them, instead of them controlling you.


Our clients also enjoys higher confidence levels because the coach and the client work together towards addressing blocks. Once fears are addressed and resolved, the client will automatically have more time and energy to invest in other parts of their life.


At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaches will Help you Explore your Life’s Purpose and Vision and Integrate it with your Life Path


The most fulfilled individuals are those who live their purpose and values each day. Life coaching will help you discover your unique vision and follow a holistic plan, in order to live your life to realise that vision. In fact, clients can even create visions for different areas of their lives and enjoy deeper, richer and more meaningful lives.


Overall, At ‘Born 4 Success’ our Clients Enjoy an Edge in Business, Relationships and Life Success


As our life coach works with the client, the client will definitely reap the benefits, in the form of general life success, in terms of career, relationships and wellbeing. In fact, even if the life coaching helps resolve blocks in just one major area of your life, the positive effects will automatically spill over into other areas.


For example

An enhanced work-life balance automatically results in better career and business success, more harmonious relationships and an improved sense of confidence and wellbeing.

At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaches will help you prioritise your values and introduce balance into your weekdays and weekends. A poor work-life balance can leave you feeling irritable, emotional and bad-tempered. This is not good workwise, and it is also likely to take its toll on your relationships.


Our professional Life Coach will help you address and transform counterproductive behaviours, manage stress and improve their work-life balance. Our process of life coaching will help you manage your career expectations in a way that means that your career does not obstruct your life path. After all, it is true that ‘All work and no play makes Jack and Jill a dull boy and girl’

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