A Balanced Life through Life Coaching

No one in life is perfect, and no one will ever achieve complete contentment in all of their main life areas. However, it's always possible to establish a better Balanced Life - and this is what you're about to do! Life balance is an ongoing process, which will always be shaped by the strategies that we use to manage our lives. It's within these strategies that we often wind up misplacing our priorities and find ourselves falling out of balance. This questionnaire has been developed to give you a holistic overview of all your seven most important life areas to achieve a life balance, before identifying the particular life areas in which you need to make immediate improvements.

Why is a balanced life important? 

A balanced Life

Our clients Enjoy an Improved Work-life Balance, as a Result of Life Coaching

‘Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.’ Hillary Clinton


For many of us, jobs and careers play a crucial part in our lives. Work not only puts food on our plates, pays our bills and places a roof over our heads (all of which are fundamental to life), but it also funds hobbies, leisure activities and other interests.


Our work defines us in many ways, and there is no doubt that it holds an important place in our lives. However, if you are not careful about balancing different aspects of your life, you will find that your hours and days are consumed by work and nothing but work. As a result of the excess amount of work, stress and exhaustion take their toll on your mind and body and deplete your energy levels.


At ‘Born 4 Success’ our life coaches will help you examine your motives and beliefs and distribute your time, and therefore your energy, to tasks and endeavours that are important to you. A work-life balance differs from person to person and depends on priorities, age, lifestyle, and so on.


These days, the lack of a work-life balance is a serious issue.

Work does not always stop when you walk out of your office. With smartphones and laptops, work follows us everywhere we go and, often, we can never really switch off – quite literally. We have access to emails, messages and other office communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unless you consciously work towards reducing the excessive amount of time you spend working, you will experience an increased risk of burnout.

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