The Winners Mindset Part 2

Developing the Winners Mindset; Strategies from Stoicism, Life Coaching and High Achievers to enable you to Think your Way to Success.

Part 2 Blog from ‘Born 4 Success’ Coaching. Written by John Bromfield.

Strategies to Develop the Winners Mindset.

1. Winners understand the need for Balance in all aspect of their Life. There are 7 key Domains that can interact positively and negatively to you succeeding or failing. Without truly understanding the need for ‘life balance’, you are missing out on the opportunity to accelerate your achievement. Complete the free ‘life balance’ quiz on; and receive your free report. This can be a game changer in respects to understanding your areas of strength and domains that need a little more balance.

2. Complete an ‘Assets and Liability’ checklist and discovery who and what is propelling you forward and what and who is holding you back or causing you obstacles. Removing these ‘obstacles’, can make the difference to winning and failing in any area of your life. A Professional Coach can assist you with this comprehensive process.

3. Winners have a ‘Purpose’. You need to understand what you are trying to achieve, what you want to succeed in? then identify the specific’s on how to get there. What drives you, what motivates you? To understand your purpose, you need to understand your values. Values are what focuses you towards a goal. Is it success in work, business, finances, relationships, sporting performance? Once you understand you values, you can cross check against your ‘life balance’ report (see above) and ensure they are in alignment. If they aren’t, any goals you set to win, are likely to fall short of the success you want to achieve.

4. Winners understand their Beliefs. Beliefs are just ideas that you are certain about. They are like a table, the stronger the belief, the more legs your table (belief) will have. Beliefs are important because they are the rules that your Values follow. If you have unhealthy beliefs, or the wrong beliefs for your values, you will dramatically reduce your chance of winning. There are 11 key unhealthy beliefs that you should review on a regular basis and ensure they are not negatively impacting your Winners Mindset. The Coaching Programme will walk you seamlessly through this process.

5. Ask better questions. Winners ask better questions, in a positive and solution focused way. They ask ‘how’ to win, how to succeed, instead of ‘why’, they are failing. Through these questions, the winner’s mindset opens their conscious and unconscious mind to the possibility of creative thinking, new solutions and the access to all the information they have already stored in their mind.

6. Winners know their outcomes. They know what they want and why (see section on purpose and life domains). Winners understand the need for goals. Positive goals that are future based, easily definable, with measurable outcomes that are achievable. If you know your outcomes, you know when you are succeeding. Any Life Coaching Process will have a detailed section for goals setting as an integral part of the programme.

7. Set your Standards high. Winners have high standards and continue to set higher standards for themselves or work with a Coach to help them set new standards to work towards and achieve.

8. Winners focus on being ‘Outstanding’. If you aim for good, you’ll get poor results. If you aim for excellence, you may get good results. Winners push that little bit more. Go that extra mile. Winners do the things that other people aren’t willing to do, that’s why they are the top 1% and ‘outstanding’.

9. Winners have the ability to focus out distractions and focus completely on the task, goal or purpose in life. They can achieve this utilising ‘Mindfulness’ or ‘Meditation’. Simple focusing exercises can help you get the winners edge and be top of your game. See the blog on ‘Mindfulness vs Meditation’ for more information or seek out a trained professional to assist you with ‘Mindfulness’ or ‘Meditation’ practice.

10. Winners understand the need and benefit of ‘Visualisation’, exercises. Visualisation can be just as powerful, if not more powerful than physical activities in moving you towards your goals, vision and achievement in life. With visualisation, you can practice the activity perfectly, never get it wrong and see the exact results that you want. Perception is reality, what you perceive you can achieve.

11. Consistency and Routine. Winners understand the need for purposeful and meaningful routines. Routines and rituals done on a consistent basis become habits. These habits, if positive and done on a consistent basis both accelerate you towards success and reduce the amount of decisions you have to make on a daily basis. Reducing these decisions allows more mental energy to be utilised for growth and development, instead of brain draining routine tasks.

12. Winners understand the benefit of the decision-making process. Following the Eisenhower decision making process, they know what to focus on; what to have set as a goal as part of their personal action plan. What to delegate to others and what to leave, ignore or delete from their list.

13. The Locus of Control. The winner’s mindset understands what is in their control (how they think, what they believe, the choices they make, their identity) and what is outside of their control (the decisions and actions of others, the environment, how people treat them, the weather etc).

14. The winner’s mindset is Self-aware of their identity, self-worth, self-esteem, self-concept and self-image. The key is that they understand who they are, and their identify. They are comfortable in their own skin and have a positive self-worth. So even when things are going wrong, their confidence is low and there are many obstacles in their path, they still have self-belief in themselves and what they stand for.

15. Winners understand the benefit of neuro-plasticity. Neuro-plasticity is a fancy word for the brains ability to learn, grow, adapt and form strong links to information and action. A great deal of the information that we learn is transferable to other areas of our life. Such as learning a new language, trying new activities and expanding our knowledge through learning. All these activities positively affect our brains neuro-plasticity that creates new internal links in our brain that transfers increased ability to find solutions. For many years the phrase, ‘knowledge is power’ has been banded around, however, it is the application of knowledge (Wisdom) to action that is really power!

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