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Think about it for a second. How many of you wake up every morning to the incessant noise in your head, that’s if you even manage to get any sleep. The never ending to do list in your head that just keeps getting longer. The noise from the News on the TV of the current catastrophes, the Facebook message that you’ve just received that you have to reply to. The emails that you never got round to replying to before you left work yesterday and then of course the thoughts about what is yet to come. What kind of day are you going to face today? How many fires will you need to put out today in work, at home, with the children? Some of us even have to put up with echoes of voices from experiences of the past, the doubts, the fears, the negative emotions and we carry this around with us on top of all the rest of these thoughts and feelings.

If you always feel as though you have something going on in your mind causing some anxiety or worry, causing you to feel as though life is chaotic. If you have a never-ending list of should and never feel as though your achieving anything apart from fighting fires and managing to put one foot in front of the other. You should ensure you read this blog.

Take a look around your physical environment too, is your house full of knickknacks, piles of paper, children’s toys? Is your office cluttered, paperwork everywhere, your email inbox full and getting fuller? Clutter in your environment has been proven to affect your brain. More mess means more stress which can affect your ability to sleep, ability to maintain a healthy diet and increases the cortisol levels in your brain which could end up in you suffering with depression. The clutter effect cause by your mental and physical environment impacts your stress levels, life satisfaction, cognition, and physical health.

If you tell yourself that you can’t change your circumstances then your right and you won’t change. However, once you decide you have had enough of the clutter effect then there are a number of things you can do to improve how you feel. Remember you are in control of your circumstances and how you choose to live.

Rethink your Thinking – Those voices in your head that tell you your just not good enough need to go. Positive affirmations and self-talk every day can help minimise the negative thoughts and increase the positive thoughts. Mindfulness and Meditation can help to reduce the internal chatter. See the previous Blog on Meditation vs Mindfulness.

Tame your to do list – If you don’t have a to do list and carry it all around in your head then start making one. Once you have a list then you need to make sure you prioritise your tasks. Tackle the most critical first and the ones you really don’t want to do. This helps because by completing the dreaded tasks as early in the day as possible it clears out the worry space in your mind about what you have to do later that you keeping putting off. The Eisenhower decisioning making matrix can help you arrange your decisions into four simple sections, so you know which ones to prioritise as urgent and important. Which ones to schedule for another day. Which ones to ask someone else to do and finally the ones that can be left or removed.

Less screen time – Just have times through the day where you switch it all off. No, I’m not saying switch it off at 18.00hrs every night because it’s just not realistic. Just give yourself as much time as you possibly can without all that noise and digital distraction. Try it, what do you really have to lose?

Stop trying to please everyone – Learn to say “no”. This is really difficult for some of us, but when your to do list is already full to the brim or you just don’t want to do that thing, they are asking for; you have to learn to politely decline. The world will not stop just because you have put in a boundary. They will still think that you are a kind and generous human being but hey, who likes to be taken advantage of?

Start to live in the present – It is great to plan ahead sometimes but by planning so much for the future or by making statement such as, I can’t go and meet my friends until x, y, z is done then you will just be rushing around trying to get everything completed and none of it will be enjoyable. Start enjoying the here and now and leaving the future for later.

Start cleaning up your actual clutter – Start small but make a start. Tidy your email inbox, tidy your desk at work, tidy kitchen drawers. Whatever you choose to do just do a bit at a time and make sure you get rid of items that you know you will never use again. Why keep them hanging around?

Create a sanctuary – create a space you can escape into where you can just switch off from all the sounds and noise of the outside world. Go there to decompress, collect your thoughts and practice some mindfulness.

Once you start applying these things into your life you will gain clarity and perspective. A weight will lift and you will feel more energised, healthier and be better equipped to manage your stress levels. Keep reviewing this every month to make sure that things are not slowly building up again, just take time to keep the above in mind and try and apply them to your daily routines.

If after reading and seeing the benefit of this blog you want to have some additional support to help you minimise the internal and external ‘clutter’ in your life and find better ways to prioritise your lifestyle, please feel free to contact me at

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If the article is enough to give you some new ideas to develop, I thank you for taking the time to read the Blog and getting this far. John Bromfield (Professional Lifestyle Coach).


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