Motivation & Accountability Coach

Keeping You Focused and Free from External and Internal Distractions, Every Day!

As a Motivational Accountability coach, I will help you in a number of key ways:

1. Daily / weekly / monthly support with your continuous motivation, inspiration and success planning

2. Daily support via messages, social media, online, email and telephone support. depending on your preference?

3. Stay organized and productive

4. Become more focused and disciplined

5. Build success habits that stick

6. Plan and take action on your most important tasks

7. Overcome challenges and setbacks

8. Feel motivated and focused

9. Reach your Athletic Performance and Fitness Goals

10. Lose weight and get the body you want

11. Get that promotion or new career aspiration

12. Grow your business and hit your revenue goals

13. Follow through on your commitments and projects

14. Overcome emotional challenges and feel happier, less stressed and more in control of your life and emotions

15. Monitor and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing

16. Monitor and support your physical health data including HRV, O2, Pulse, Blood pressure, ECG, Sleep, Diet, body composition and many other health metrics

17. Visualisation, Mindfulness and Mediation practices for inner peace and balance

18. Goal setting, monitoring and vision planning to get the results you want, quickly

19. Instant, personalised feedback and programmes for your individual needs. No generic, cookie cutter approaches

20. 24 hour support if required

If after reading about the benefit of the ‘Motivation & Accountability Coach’ you want to more information or support, I would love to hear from you at my WhatsApp Business mobile 07946299376 or feel free to email me at:

If the short blog is enough for now, I thank you for taking the time to read the Blog and getting this far.

John Bromfield.


United Kingdom.​

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Tel:    07946299376   (UK)