The Only Productivity Tips You Will Ever Need.

The 7 Key Steps.

Step 1.

Getting up early, when the environment is quiet is key. Don’t look at your mobile, don’t check you emails or social media, this will distract you from planning your day. If you can wake up at least 1 hour before having to be at a computer screen, because email and Social media is the mind killer. It will break your creativity and reduce your focus on what you really need to do.

Step 2.

Make a cup of coffee or tea and sit with pen or pencil and paper. I use an A5 ‘To Do’ list planner, purchased from Amazon. Here’s the link. I have no affiliation, just think it’s a good ‘things to do’ note book.

Step 3.

Write down the 3 to 5 things that are making you the most anxious or uncomfortable – choose the things that you keep putting off from one day to the next. The most important ‘to do’s’ usually equals the most uncomfortable and the ones we keep putting off. This is usually because we believe it could lead to conflict or rejection. This is an assumption. The majority of the things we worry about never happen. If we look at the action objectively and not subjectively, we can see things for what they really are, not what we think they will be.

Step 4.

Look at each item on your list of 3 -5 things and ask if this was the only thing I accomplished today would I be satisfied with my day. Would moving this forward make all the other ‘to do’s’ irrelevant or would it make the other ‘to dos’ easier to tick off later. What if that one task was done would it make all the rest easier? Put a ‘yes’ by the ones that are the most uncomfortable.

If you are struggling with which ones are the most important use the ‘Eisenhower’ matrix below.

For the rest of action on your list, use the matrix above and slot the items into the appropriate section. This may take you a little time to do on the first occasion, but this process will start to come naturally to you soon enough.

Step 5.

Only look at the items you answered ‘yes’ to and fit in the ‘Urgent / Important’ section of the Eisenhower’s matrix above.

Step 6.

Schedule 1 to 2 hours to focus on just ‘one’ of the actions today. You should now have all your actions in the appropriate section of the Eisenhower’s matrix. This will make planning which ones to focus on much easier. When you schedule the time, this needs to be in one block of time. Coupling together 10 minutes here and there to add up to 120 mins does not work. No calls, emails or social media allowed. This needs to be protected time!

Step 7.

Once you have completed the number 1 action on your list, repeat Step 6, blocking out another 1 to 2 hours to focus on the next action on your ‘important / urgent’ list. This may be the same day or the day after, depending on whether you are working to a deadline and/or other time commitments you have for the day.

Caveat: If distracted or procrastinating don’t freak out, just gently comeback to the identified number 1 ‘to do’ task for today.

This is the only way I can get those big jobs done (that have been hounding me for days/weeks). Otherwise, I just end up doing the easier stuff and letting the big stuff ‘build up’ until I get stressed out and let it get on top of me. That isn’t fun for me or those around me, so I use this process to minimise the impact of my work for those I care about and for myself.

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