The Wheel Of Life

The Wheel of Life is Powerful Is your life out of balance? Are you generally unsatisfied and not sure why?

The original concept of the Wheel of Life is credited to the late Paul. J. Meyer. The exact date isn’t known however it is believed that it was invented in the 1960s when Paul. J. Meyer founded the Success Motivation Institute.

The Wheel of Life is very effective, providing you with visual detail of the way your life is right now compared to how you would like your life to be. There are often areas in life that we can improve or grow and the Wheel of Life is a great tool to help us understand which areas we need to work on and which areas are already great.

It is called the Wheel of Life as it is a circle in which every area of your life is represented. The spokes within the wheel are areas, roles or aspects of you which are assessed to create a graphic demonstrating how balanced your life is. The wheel demonstrates areas where your life is unbalanced; for example, if all of your attention is on work we will often ignore or pay less attention to our health or relationships. The Wheel of Life is not about work life balance but recognising that work is an integral part of life but is only one part. Having a more holistic view of ourselves provides us with the steps necessary to reach balance and contentment.

The purpose behind the exercise is to ensure the whole of our life is balanced. We all know what happens if a wheel is out of balance. The tool gives us a fast, visual overview of how satisfied you are with your life. We as coaches are then able to dig deeper into these results to find out what specifically is getting in the way of you finding this balance. Naturally we would normally prioritise the areas of your life that have the lowest scores and identify actions that will raise your satisfaction levels in this area bringing around a more centred and balanced you.

There are a number of different versions out there to use. Please note that this tool should be free to use, you do not need to pay to use the Wheel of Life. A large number of people looking at using the Wheel of Life struggle to complete this as they are unsure of what questions they should be asking themselves when assessing each life area. Some tools only look at 5 life domains whilst others have a more holistic view of up to 7 life areas.

Professionals, Businesses and Athletes understand the need for Balance in all aspect of their Life. There are 7 key Domains that can interact positively and negatively to you succeeding or failing. Without truly understanding the need for ‘life balance’, you are missing out on the opportunity to accelerate your achievement

We have a Wheel of Life assessment tool on the ‘Born 4 Success’ website that it free to use. The difference with our assessment is that we have created this in a survey format where we ask you the questions that you need to be considering in order to ensure that you: -

1. Have an accurate assessment of each life domain.

2. Consider all aspects relevant and meaningful to that life area.

Once the assessment is completed you will get immediate results and feedback however, we will also forward you a more in-depth analysis of your responses. If this is something you would like to try then please visit

Alternatively, you can complete the free ‘life balance’ assessment tool via the link below; and receive your free report. This can be a game changer in respects to understanding your areas of strength and domains that need a little more balance.

Once you can see and visualise what life domains you would like to improve upon, you or your coach can help you write some small goals, a vision statement and an action plan of what and how you will get there.

As you continue to work on improving the important areas in your life you can occasionally complete the Wheel of Life again to assess your progress and to ensure that other areas of your life are not being negatively impacted by the goals you have set. We believe in offering as much useful and free material to help everybody grow and develop in life, to make the world a more compassionate, empathetic, productive and fulfilling place to live. We are all in this together and only through true, meaningful and supportive connections can we progress as a society.

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