The Winners' Mindset Part 1

Updated: Jul 13

Developing the Winners Mindset; Strategies from Stoicism, Life Coaching and High Achievers to enable you to Think your Way to Success.

Part 1 of a 2-part Blog series from ‘Born 4 Success’ Coaching. Written by John Bromfield.

Understanding the Winners Mindset.

People who are successful in life have one thing in common, they utilise their mindset to achieve their goals.

Are you moved by a desire to move beyond ‘just getting by’? Do you want to excel in life and achieve the goals that matter the most to you? Maybe you are considering a change in career? Looking for promotion? Launching or trying to grow your business? yet haven’t had the courage or know-how to achieve this? Maybe you feel stuck at work; unclear on how to get ahead; having challenges in your relationship(s); going through a separation or trying to find the right partner? Perhaps you are wanting to pursue ‘increased’ sports performance; trying to get the body you want or trying to get that first-place position in your sporting pursuit? Maybe you’ve lost your job or struggling with finances or want stability for your future?

Wherever you are in life, whatever your goals, you have a desire, a need, a passion to expand your limits and open up new possibilities?

Contrary to popular belief, success and achievement have little to do with;

· IQ

· Your life circumstances

· Financial resources

· Knowing the right people

· Your label(s) or disabilities

· Past history

· Or even luck

Many successful people have come from disadvantaged backgrounds, limitations, stereotypes, poverty and labels of disability. Through the correct use of mindset, resilience, motivation and an indominable will to achieve, they have found the formula to succeed. They achieved this through utilising the winners mindset and the wealth of resources freely available to them and the support of a coach or mentor, with dogged determination to see ‘set-backs’ and ‘failures’ for what they truly are, lessons in life that propel them forward in their pursuit of excellence.

In this two-part blog, I will break down some of the strategies for the winner’s mindset, to enable you to utilise this framework to be success in any area of your life.

Firstly, it is vital that we understand the link between thought, feeling, behaviour and outcomes. Through this understanding, we can see that how we think, effects how we feel, which impacts our behaviour (actions) and the outcomes we get out of life. The successful people in life grasp this concept and utilise it to develop a winner’s attitude to achieve the goals they aspire too.

Secondly, having a Stoic mindset to the challenges, obstacles, plateaus and setbacks in life, this will enable you to handle and be prepared for the unpleasant circumstances that come our way, normally when we least expect it or are unprepared.

Four basic concepts of Stoicism.

· Focus on What You Can Control, Accept What You Can’t.

· Distinguish Between Good, Bad, and (‘Preferred’) Indifferent Things.

· Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

· The obstacle is the way. Use the challenge(s) you are facing to find lessons of growth, understanding and help you on a new path of success. Finding a meaning in the suffering that life brings.

These four concepts allow you to reframe any situation to minimise and mitigate against your perception of any situation, and view it in an objective way. By achieving this, you will be better prepared in advance to prevent your mind from moving towards unhelpful ways of thinking and away from your winning mindset.

Through the control and correct use of your mind, you can mange your emotional state, which in turn will affect your behaviour and the outcomes you get. What you focus on, is what you get out of life. Keep clear and objective in your thoughts and success will follow.

From my experience, everyone has the capacity to be successful, because everyone has a brain. You have the capacity to transform your thinking, emotions and behaviour and even the physical structure (plasticity) of the brain to reach your full potential.

You own your mind; it is available 24/7 free of charge. Just like resistance training and lifting weights builds and strengthens your muscles; cardio strengthens and improves your heart and lungs; exercise strategies for your mind will help re-shape, develop and optimise the way you think, moving it towards the winner’s mindset.

You can think your way to success. You can think your way to being a winner!

In part two of the blog, I will break down the key strategies to develop a ‘winners’ mindset’.

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